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Refuges and mountain huts in the Ledro Valley Refuges and mountain huts in the Ledro Valley

Refuges and mountain huts in the Ledro Valley

Discover Alpine flavours

Discover Alpine flavours at refuges and mountain huts in the Ledro Valley

Destinations of mountain walks and waypoints for longer excursions, the refuges and mountain huts of the Ledro Valley are the places to enjoy breathing the mountain air, to find yourself inebriated by Alpine scents and flavours, and to discover the fascinating life at high altitude. In summer, there is really nothing better than leaving behind the hectic city life to go there, among pastures, woods and mountains for delicious snacks or traditional meals. Let's have a look at the most famous refuges and mountain huts in the Ledro Valley, starting with the famous Rifugio Al Faggio, in Val Concei.

Rifugio Al Faggio, in Val Concei

This well-known refuge is located in the green heart of the Ledro Valley, Val Concei. The name is inspired by the large, ancient beech tree that is located immediately behind the building, said to be more than 250 years old. Open all year round at an accessible altitude (972 meters above sea level), it can be reached by car from Pieve di Ledro, or on foot, following the lovely valley bottom path from Lenzumo, crossing beautiful pastures. Once you arrive at the refuge it will be possible to taste some of the best local dishes, and spend time relaxing in the sun. Al Faggio is also the perfect starting point for excursions to other destinations, such as Malga Dromaè or Malga Cadria, completing the tour of the huts. From there, the fittest hikers can also head towards Monte Cadria, the highest peak in the Ledro Alps.

Malga Trat, also in Val Concei

Another destination in Val Concei that can be easily reached from Lenzumo on foot is Malga Trat, following path 403. The same mountain hut can also be accessed by car, once again with Lenzumo as the starting point.

Rifugio Nino Pernici, at Bocca di Trat

From Rifugio al Faggio, in Val Concei, it is also possible to hike all the way to Rifugio Nino Pernici, taking approximately 3 hours. However, Rifugio Nino Pernici is much closer to Malga Trat, the usual starting point for the hike to this refuge. In this case, the path can be covered in about half an hour, with no technical difficulty, and it is suitable for strollers. It is also worth mentioning that near the refuge there are also important relics of the First World War. Once you reach the refuge, you’ll find a menu of traditional mountain delicacies, ideal for a tasty and regenerating break. Those who want to carry on walking can leave for other destinations: following path 402 you can reach Capanna Grassi; from here it is also possible to reach Mount Tofino.

Rifugio Garibaldi, near the Tremalzo Pass

The other side of the Ledro Valley is also full of interesting destinations, especially along the paths that lead to the Tremalzo Pass. An example is Rifugio Garibaldi, near Lake Ampola, at 1514 meters above sea level. Accessible on foot or by car, it is perfect for a relaxing break in the fresh air, as well as a base for excursions to the surrounding peaks - obviously including Monte Tremalzo, with its 1975 meters of altitude.

Malghe Giù, Cita and Bezzecca

Around the Tremalzo pass there are several mountain huts, such as Malga Giù and Cita, easy to reach on foot after leaving your car at the pass. In summer, you can see numerous cows and goats in the pastures. Malga Bezzecca, reachable by car, is another great place to discover the mountain pasture tradition on this side of the Ledro Valley.
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