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Tremalzo in Summer and Winter Tremalzo in Summer and Winter

Tremalzo in Summer and Winter

This is what you ca do

Tremalzo in Summer and Winter: This is what you can do

The Tremalzo is the mountain group situated south-west of the Ledro Valley, which, thanks to its rich meadows, is one of the most important areas of floristic interest in the Alps. Let’s discover this wonderful place together.
Overlooking the Ledro Valley, the Tremalzo Group, together with the homonymous pass and mountain peak, represents one of the most beautiful spots of the Trentino. There are plenty of attractions, for nature lovers, but also for all those who are into sports and outdoor activities. Here are some possibilities for you.

The Premalzo Pass and the surrounding Nature

The area of the Premalzo Pass is one of the most important areas of floristic interest in the Alps, being home to over 20 species of plants that grow only here, many of which are named in the Red List of threatened species. A unique heritage, for the Trentino, but also at national and European level, known and studied by specialists of all over the World. As for the fauna on the other hand, it is the Bocca Casèt that has been classified as a special protection area for the many birds that take a rest here on their way from Northern to Southern Europe. Since 1996, the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences Trento (now MuSe) has been studying the birds that transit this zone.

Trekking: the paths leading to Monte Tremalzo

The highest peak of the Tremalzo group is the eponymous Monte Tremalzo (1975 m). There are numerous paths leading up to the peak across the beautiful meadows that cover the hillsides. One of the easier paths starts at Rifugio Garibaldi, then it follows the forest street until Bocca Casèt and from there, it leads down towards Malga Giù. This is where you turn right following the path SAT 457, and just before Malga Tremalzo di Molina, you take the path towards Bocca di Val Marza, where the path leading to Corno della Marogna begins. Back to the Bocca, you take the old military road towards the Tremalzo Pass and then, crossing the meadows, you get back to the parking site. The total length of this tour is 12 kilometres, which means a duration of about 6 hours. For those who want to discover the Ledro Valley with less demanding walks we have created this blog: Walks to Lake Ledro: itineraries for everyone.

Up to Tremalzo by Mountain bike

The itinerary leading up from the Ledro Valley to Tremalzo is highly appreciated among all mountain bike lovers. The route starts from Molina di Ledro and first, you take the Ponale Road down to Pré di Ledro, where you then take the street that leads to Leano. From there, you follow the forest path towards Malga Gil and Passo Gui, then you carry on until Passo Nota and Rifugio degli Alpini. This is where the most challenging part of this route begins, the one that follows the street towards the Tremalzo Pass. You do a few hairpin bends up the road and then cycle downhill across the tunnels on the southern hillsides of the group. From there, you get back down, down to Rifugio Garda Tremalzo and to the valley floor. The total length of the itinerary is 37 kilometres, and the route is suitable for e-bikes.

Rifugio Garda Tremalzo

Rifugio Garda Tremalzo, at the foot of the homonymous mountain peak, offers a restaurant service to all hikers following the road up to the summit. It is situated in a wonderful place, with an extraordinary view on the surrounding nature. The cuisine is simple but tasty, including a lot of typical traditional dishes of the Trentino region. During the course of the years, this place has come to be a reference point for mountain bike lovers looking for a place to rest and have a meal during their excursion.

What you can do in Tremalzo in Winter

You may assume that the incredible natural setting should make it recommendable to wait for the spring or summer season to tackle the paths up the hillsides of Monte Tremalzo, but in winter you can expect a lot of beautiful surprises just as well. The itineraries suggested for trekking in summer can also be done in winter with snowshoes: if this is what you are planning to do, then we highly recommend you to get informed well about the weather conditions in order to make sure you have chosen the right day. If then, in addition to the fresh air, you feel like having a special thrill, you can step up the hills taking your sledge with you and then descend at full speed (however always in safety!) As always, Residenca Toli and Casa Lucia are ready to welcome you, providing a lot of suggestions and personalised services for outdoor lovers, starting with a visit to the Christmas markets in Valle di Ledro and much more.

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