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Wakeboard: the thrill close to the water surface on Lake Ledro Wakeboard: the thrill close to the water surface on Lake Ledro

Wakeboard: the thrill close to the water surface on Lake Ledro

The thrill close to the water surface on Lake Ledro

Wakeboard: the thrill close to the water surface on Lake Ledro

Among the many sports activities you can practise on Lake Ledro, wakeboarding is certainly the latest and most exciting one. It is mainly practised on the lakes although there also exist facilities on the sea as well. Wakeboarding is a fusion of snowboarding (hence the board and the movements) and water ski (where it takes the water context and towing system from). You can practise it from the age of 7, and the more experienced can try out acrobatics and twisting on the water surface.

Where to practise wakeboarding in Italy and Trentino

There are various plants in Italy where you can practise wakeboarding. In Turin, Milan, at Dello (Brescia), at Resana (Treviso), at Porto Fuori (Ravenna) and in Rome there are the so-called “full size” plants, where you can follow a circular itinerary at a constant speed. Then there are the “system 2.0” structures, the most suitable ones to approach this discipline. These are the kind of plants that there are in Trentino, on Lake Terlago, (along the street that leads from Lake Garda to the city of Trento) and the closest one for us, on Lake Ledro in the district of Pur.

Wakeboard school in the Ledro Valley

On Lake Ledro, in the district of Pur, there is indeed the wakeboard park “Be Wake”, a modern wakestation equipped with the Sesitec System 2.0. The two-tower system with a towing system similar to the one of a ski lift, operated by a remote control allows everybody to have fun and learn in safety.
Inside the park, there are various structures to increase fun: Spine M., which is perfect for all those who want to start jumping and try out the first tricks, and the 16 m Hollie Fun Box, which is designed for the experts who want to put themselves to the test.
The Be Wake staff is at your disposal to explain you the way the wakeboard works and to teach you the best techniques to stay on your board. And if you are staying at Residence Toli or Casa Lucia, you will have a preferential treatment; ask for information at our reception desk!

Not only wakeboard: there are more watersports on Lake Ledro

Lake Ledro, with its waters not too rough from the wind is the perfect place for water sports. We have already mentioned the wakeboard, which is the most adrenalin-pumping and exciting one of the sports, but there are still a lot of options. There is sailing for example, for those who like to be pushed by the wind, canoeing, for those who prefer a little boat, or surfing, for those sportsmen who love to feel the emotions close to the water surface. Not to forget fishing, the perfect activity for those who don’t want to take their feet off the ground. And last but not least, we want to mention swimming since the pleasing waters of Lake Ledro are a perfect scenery for this kind of activity.



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