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On holiday with your children in the Ledro Valley and Trentino: 5 things you shouldn’t miss On holiday with your children in the Ledro Valley and Trentino: 5 things you shouldn’t miss

On holiday with your children in the Ledro Valley and Trentino: 5 things you shouldn’t miss

From cycle paths to experiences in the malga and in nature: discover what to do and see in Valle di Ledro and Trentino with children. Read here.

On holiday with your children in the Ledro Valley and Trentino: 5 things you shouldn’t miss

The Ledro Valley and Trentino with their many attractions and uncontaminated nature are the perfect location for a holiday with your children. Walks in the fresh air, sports, excursions to chalets, visits to museums and a lot more: no time for boredom up here!
Situated in the middle of the mountains, yet near all the main services and easy to reach from the major centres: The Ledro Valley is the perfect place for your family vacation. Even our youngest guests, young boys and girls, are going to discover plenty of attractions made right for them. Because up here, every day is unique and special!
Here are five things to do with your children during your vacation in the Ledro Valley and Trentino.

1) Walking or biking tours with children

The Ledro Valley offers a great variety of bike and foot paths for the entire family. The most popular tour is the one around Lake Ledro, a foot walk that takes about two and a half hours and is about 10 kilometres long. Alternatively, you could rent a bike at one of the many rental points or directly at our Residence Toli. The excursions will take you about half the given time by bike. Another excursion to go on with children is the tour through Val Concei: the route along the valley floor leads you through the villages of Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo and is about eight kilometres long all together. And if you are planning to astonish your children, then you could take them to Ledro Land Art, which is a veritable art gallery immersed in nature.

2) Chalet experience in the Ledro Valley

“Albe in malga” (sunrise in a chalet) is a hiking event that allows you and your family to live a day like a real cheese-maker. This event takes place in various locations in Trentino and it also comes to the Ledro Valley. The chalets Malga Trat in Val Concei and Malga Bezzecca in Tremalzo offer it in summer. Another experience that will immerse you just as well is Bosc dei Meneghì, an organic farm with bistro ad vegan restaurant on Mount Pur, in Molina di Ledro. The perfect place to enjoy a delicious lunch in a marvellous setting.

3) Visits to the stilt house museum, the Garibaldi Bezzecca Historical Museum and Museo Foletto

However, in the Ledro Valley you can not only have fun but also learn a lot. There is a stilt house museum on Lake Ledro which was established in the Seventies in order to highlight the important archeologic findings in that area. In the lake, indeed, you can still see the remains of some pile dwellings from the Bronze Age (2200-1350 AC). If you have a passion for younger history instead, then you can’t miss the Garibaldi Bezzecca Historical Museum, set up right where Garibaldi pronounced his famous “obbedisco” (“I obey”), whereas in Pieve di Ledro there is the Museo Foletto, a veritable “spice store” which takes you to a trip down memory lane with its alembics, pestles and ancient pharmacy tools.

4) Visitors’ Centre of Tremalzo

Located at 1,600 metres above sea level, the Visitors’ Centre “Monsignor Mario Ferrari” explains the territory of Tremalzo by means of its flora and fauna. It is run by the explorers of the Muse – Science Museum of Trento. It will be them to welcome you from June to September. The entrance is free, but there is the possibility to join a guided tour for 4 € (children up to the age of 7 years are free).

5) What to do with children on a rainy day

Can a rainy day ruin a holiday? Not here, not in the Ledro Valley. There are in fact plenty of attractions for you to visit also with bad weather conditions. Among those, there is the Hydroelectric Power Station of Riva del Garda, a real treasure of architecture and engineering technology, and we can also recommend the MART – Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art of Trento and Rovereto, with its treasures and its incredible structure, as well as, for a day out, the famous Muse in Trento, which is a real paradise for young and grown-up science lovers.

The family services of Crosina Holiday

Casa Lucia and Residence Toli, the structures of Crosina Holiday, are the perfect solution for a vacation with children. Our apartments are spacious, well organized and they dispose of everything you need to accommodate a whole family. Upon request, we can provide a crib and high chair for you. Our gardens are equipped with playgrounds for the youngest ones to have fun safely while Mummy and Daddy relax. Residence Toli has a heated pool. Not to miss out!

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